Transitional housing, training and support for our veterans.

The Veterans Village will be a self-sustaining community providing transitional housing, training and support for ex-service personnel and their families. It will be a unique place to provide and empower those individuals that may require help when adjusting to civilian life.

The Project

The Hull 4 Heroes Veterans Village project aims to develop a self-sustaining site for the housing and rehabilitation of ex-service men and women. The Hull based charity will provide a unique place to provide support to those individuals requiring help when adjusting to civilian life. Along with our supporters we hope to create the worlds first purpose built center that will provide a safe and stable platform for veterans, where they can create a happy and purposeful live for themselves and their families in civilian society.

Our Team
The Veterans Village development is the brainchild of Paul Matson, TV presenter Nick Knowles and Hull 4 Heroes the charity first registered in 2016. Our purpose was initially to assist ex-service men and women struggling to adjust to civillian life. Inspired by work on the BBC TV program DIY SOS and backed by a wonderful team of supporters we soon developed an idea for a Veterans Village community to house and support those in need. This is just the beginning of our incredible  and exciting journey.
Latest News
As our project develops we would like you to keep up-to-date about the progress both on and off site. As a charity we have always promoted the open involvement of our supporters and the public, our aim is to create something truly special and beneficial and we would love to take you along for the ride with us. All of our latest news will be posted here along with details of our events and public consultations. Follow us on social media and get involved with the Veterans Village project. We would love to hear from you.

“With the Veterans Village we are creating a safe and productive platform for our veterans to thrive outside of the armed forces. We will provide housing, employment and support on a scale never seen before.”

Paul Matson – Chairman and Founder

We have a great range of Veterans Village merchandise which will be available to purchase from the Hull 4 Heroes website shop. All of the proceeds help to support Hull 4 Heroes work with veterans and the Veterans Village project.