The Hull 4 Heroes Veterans Village Project
For men and women serving in the armed forces it is a way of life, a tight knit community of individuals serving a common purpose, their focus is on serving their country. Their community is one of regiment, descipline and routine. The majority of our ex forces men and women serve their military career and adjust to civilian life with the support of friends and family, although many simply struggle to cope with a life outside of their serving environment. These veterans are some of the strongest and proudest people and unfortunately often refuse to ask for help, some are reduced to homelessness. Hull 4 Heroes have assisted many veterans in need by assisting them in refurbishing and updating their homes, supplying furniture, white goods and electricals when required. To truly realise the charities dreams of providing sustainable housing, training and employment we have conceived the Veterans Village project. This unique project aims to create a safe and productive environment where veterans can live, train and work to create a happy and meaningful life for themselves and their families in civilian society. We truly believe the Veterans Village will make a difference to the veterans, their families and the surrounding community. Here we present our vision and our plan and we would love to have you on board for this incredible journey.
With the kind support of both Hull City Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council the charity has secured two sites adjacent to Priory Road in Hull that bridges both authorities. The two sites will be utalised to construct both a residential village, horticultural facility and visitors centre with shop and cafe. As part of the development the charity will be preserving and improving upon the natural wooded habitat that exists with the addition of wildlife wetland and grassland areas. The site will comprise of a mixture of individual and family dwellings for ex service men and women and will include a support centre with community facilities.
The Veterans Village
Coronation Road Site
Priory Road Site

“Hull 4 Heroes has a great team of local and dedicated volunteers along with a passionate project team of professionals who are excited about engaging with the local residents to create a legacy that we can be proud of.”

Paul Matson

Founder Hull 4 Heroes